High Blood


Starting last month, April, I felt so lazy to get up and go to work because of our new shift—which is something that I thought would be okay. 10:30PM until 7:30AM is no good for me: calls are on queue, meaning, I won’t be able to talk to my office friends while on shift. Since then, I find my work boring and I am no longer interested to talk to people.

One thing that makes this shift sucks is that, all those shitty and demanding people are the ones awake and keep on calling back for their selfish requests. I hate it when they are so ignorant about the terms and conditions of whatever they are transacting online which, of course, involves their money. I hate to say this but, I find some of them stupid.

I remember this one caller who asked me about my age. I replied, “18 years young, sir.” I felt insulted about what he told me: Oh, then you’re not good enough, you don’t know much. As much as I would love to answer him in a rude way, I can’t. Plus, he asked for a supervisor after that.Well, all I know is, he’s a dumbass for not reading policies and procedures. Whoever he is, good luck to his money.

Anywayyyy, I hope July-September’s schedule is better than this shit… 

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